Learn With Drums

Learn With Drums

Our content will help you to create an engaging music program for your classroom, home, organization, or family.

Learn how to create music with students at any ability level, even without a music teacher!

Everyone can incorporate music in learning, regardless of their musical background. Teachers, parents, and caregivers can learn how to apply lessons to popular songs. Students will learn how to perform using actual instruments. This program has been successful with all age groups and ability levels. It can be used in the classroom or in the home, and it can be cross-curricular. Let us help you fill “the Special Need for Music” in your life.

Who Can Use This Program?

Our content is designed to be used in many different environments. With our simple and easy to follow videos, you will be playing music in no time!


Music education is easy for all classrooms with our video program.


Engaging your child has never been easier with our fun video music program.


Cross-curricular activities and an engaging musical curriculum make this program essential.

Special Education

Our accessible content has built-in considerations for students with different abilities.

About Our Program


  • Getting Started Videos
  • How to use the materials
  • Teacher lessons
  • Essentials: Tones, Techniques, and Beats
  • Ten fundamental video lessons using a drum, maracas, and tambourine.
  • Live Warm-up
  • Lessons with Five Core Songs
  • And more!

For a limited time, lessons for three PREMIUM SONGS are included: Happy, Elvira, and Walk Like an Egyptian. Each premium song includes a lesson video as well as a play-along video. Downloadable print material is available for each song.

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Since 2010, this method has evolved into a program that has become a great source of pride for our participants, and can now be shared to make your students rockstars, too! It started in middle school special education, then spread to high school special education, and is now being used in vocational programs for adults with special needs.
Most recently, this method has been applied to elementary and middle school general music programs with great success.

Everyone can benefit!

- Families get to celebrate their child's accomplishment.

- Loved ones share in their child's joy of performing.

- Everyone experiences the flood of positive emotions associated with success!

- Access the learning material from anywhere, from your computer, tablet or phone.

Do You Need Instruments?

If you need instruments, here are some good choices for students.

In his classes, Mr. Howell uses Toca Synergy conga drums, Toca Supertone maracas, and RBI tambourines.

Ten-inch tambourines with a synthetic head and a single row of jingles are best.

"Music for Two" Package Now Available!

About The Book

A Special Need for Music

This book will give you the tools to help you fill the “Special Need for Music” in your life. It's designed for anyone to use. You don't need a musical background to incorporate music in learning.